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Janez Ekarts debut biography

In his biography Janez tells how he grew up with theft, break-ins, extortion and violence. He spent a large part of his youth in children's and education homes. His career continued, from street thug to bouncer, in discos and table dance clubs. He worked as a housekeeper in brothels and lived with prostitutes for two decades. He joined the yellow GHOSTRIDER’S MC in the late 1990s and later became the president of the BANDIDOS MC JENA. For several years he sat in prisons in East and West Germany for the offenses accused of him. In his biography Janez also tells of his relationship with women at the time, dealing with contradicting people and his love for animals. The reader is carried away into a world behind that which is omnipresent to us.



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Bandido Janez

Subculture Rocker

In "Janez" you will also learn more about the subculture rocker clubs, about the codex, the brotherhood and the customs that rule here.

Janez Gefängnis Knast JVA


You will also learn the truth and nothing but the truth about German prisons. The penal system in Germany and the GDR (this term is deliberately chosen in this context) is not what you know from the press.

From the press

After almost eleven months, the second Gera "Bandidos" trial hits the home straight. Yesterday, the public prosecutor's office made its plea and called for imprisonment for the three defendants.

Gera - According to the will of the prosecution, the former head of the Weimar motorcycle rocker gang "Bandidos" is to be jailed for three years and three months. Chief Public Prosecutor Thomas Riebel said yesterday in his plea before the district court of Gera that he had a "violent attitude" and took advantage of his position as president of the club, which has now been disbanded. After 25 days of negotiations, the second Gera "Bandidos" trial is now coming to an end. For the two co-defendants, Riebel demanded three years' imprisonment for attempted arson and dangerous bodily harm. The defense lawyers are due to hold their pleadings on October 5th. The three men remained silent about the allegations until the very end. Because working with government agencies is a taboo in the scene. Nevertheless, Riebel is convinced: The former president of the "Bandidos" in Weimar not only blackmailed an acquaintance for at least 8,000 euros and beat him several times because his girlfriend no longer wanted to buy it, but was also guilty of insulting witnesses and police officers in earlier trials made. In addition, in January 2008, after an argument in a Weimar discotheque, the duo hit and kicked a guest until he passed out. In the case of the victim, the cheekbone was torn and the upper jaw was smashed, said the chief prosecutor. She had to receive medical treatment for about a year. The "Bandidos" have been occupying the Thuringian courts for a long time. In June 2010 the Gera district court sentenced seven motorcycle rockers to prison terms of up to eight years and eight months, among other things for serious gang theft. One defendant got away with a suspended sentence. The president was already sitting in the dock with four other rockers at a mammoth trial in Erfurt, where he was sentenced to five and a half years in prison in January. The main defendant received nine and a half years because he brutally stabbed a man and disfigured his face in front of a disco in Weimar. In the proceedings, the prosecution is also based on statements from ex- "Bandidos" - including the former vice-president of the Weimar Club - who are now cooperating with the investigators. To protect them from possible acts of revenge, they found shelter in a police witness protection program. The processes are accompanied by high security precautions.

Gera - It's far from over at 66 ... For 33 days, three motorcycle rockers have been negotiating in Gera - and that is extraordinarily long for a process. The verdict should actually have been made on Wednesday, but it was postponed again. Instead, the judges decided that a new witness should be heard. Means: two more days of the process. The courageous trial dragged on until November. The trial in the district court began almost exactly a year ago (each time the highest security level). The first day already ended after just 34 minutes: the accused are silent ... ... He is also charged with extortion in the prostitute milieu. Janez E. is also said to have threatened a bandido ("I'll cut off your ears, neck and head"), insulted the police ("Snot spoon", "Idiot", "Pisser"). The three defendants face three years imprisonment - if a verdict is then passed ...

"Bandidos" trial at the Erfurt Regional Court

In the trial against five former members of the Weimar rocker club "Bandidos MC Jena", defense lawyers rejected the allegation of the formation of a criminal organization on Monday. In their pleadings at the Erfurt Regional Court, they described several of the offenses dealt with in the proceedings as "expressions of regressed social competence" on the part of the defendants. The "Bandidos" did not pursue any external common purposes such as drug dealing or a supremacy in the bouncer scene, which would have been evidence of a criminal structure. In addition, there was no organized cooperation between the club members.

Two acquittals required
The defense lawyers said that the accused had been wrongly incriminated by the key witness. The key witness lied and blamed the defendant for his own actions. The key witness is the former vice-boss of the Thuringian "Bandidos". He had initially been accused in the trial himself, but offered himself to the public prosecutor as a key witness in the spring of 2010. For the 40-year-old main defendant, the defense pleaded for a maximum prison sentence of three years. In their plea for attempted manslaughter, the public prosecutor had demanded ten years and five months imprisonment for the man. The prosecution regards it as proven that the man, as one of the four leaders of the Thuringian "Bandidos", stabbed a man in Weimar with a knife in November 2008 and seriously injured him. Defense lawyers sought acquittals for two other defendants. In the case of the two remaining defendants, among them the former president of the Thuringian "Bandidos", they did not apply for a specific sentence. The public prosecutor's office, however, demands imprisonment for all defendants.

The Federal Court of Justice (BGH) has confirmed an acquittal by the Erfurt Regional Court against two former Bandidos motorcycle rockers in Weimar.

Erfurt. In April 2009, the Erfurt regional court had acquitted Janez E. and Domenico M. from the allegation of joint blackmail and arson. The accused are said to have blackmailed the operator of a tattoo studio and set his car on fire. Because the offenses could not be proven in the proceedings and the summoned witnesses could not provide any information, the court had acquitted the two. The Hera public prosecutor appealed against the judgment to the Federal Court of Justice. The Public Prosecutor General in Thuringia and the Federal Public Prosecutor General's Office followed suit. The BGH rejected the appeal this June and confirmed the acquittals. From a legal point of view, the process cannot be criticized. Janez E. is currently on trial in one of the two Erfurt Bandidos trials, among other things for the formation of a criminal organization. His defense lawyer requested a psychological report yesterday that his client suffered from ADAS syndrome, i.e. attention deficits and hyperactivity disorders, because of his difficult childhood. Domenico M. was taken into witness protection in the spring because he had agreed to testify against his former rocker buddies.

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"Janez; Hated by the Most - Loved by the Few" is now available in the Bod shop and in bookshops. Unfortunately, due to the high number of incoming orders and the measures to prevent COVID-19 on the part of publishers and printing companies, there may be delays in delivery.

You can order Janez; Hated by the Most - Loved by the Few at your favorite store. Simply use one of the buttons and you will be redirected to the product